It’s no secret that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has received polarizing reactions since it was released in late March. While the movie was successful from a financial standpoint (grossing over $870 million worldwide), the movie has received a lot of negative reviews, though the feature isn’t without its share of fans. Whether you find yourself a supporter or detractor of the movie, Warner Bros is gearing up to give fans another taste of the story with an extended version for home media, arriving digitally at the end of the month and on Blu-ray in mid-July.

Last week, Warner Bros released the first trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s R-rated cut, officially titled the "Ultimate Edition." On top of including new/extended violent sequences that wouldn’t have fit under the PG-13 banner, this edition of the movie also extra scenes featuring characters and other moments, small or big, that didn’t make the theatrical release. It’s possible that this cut of the movie will be more appealing to those who didn’t like the original cut, and if that’s the case, these are the ways we hope that the Ultimate Edition improves from its predecessor.

Give Superman More Moments To Shine
Give Superman More Moments To Shine
For a movie called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the latter hero didn’t have as many opportunities to shine during the story as the former. Obviously that’s not to say Superman was ignored entirely. For instance, that montage of him saving people around the world was arguably one of the most faithful Superman moments seen in the movies. However, when you compare the material Superman was given to Batman’s (especially in the way of dialogue), the Man of Steel was lacking. Hopefully this extended cut will remedy that, whether it’s showing Clark investigating Batman in Gotham City or other scenes of Superman acting as humanity’s protector before getting sucked into a feud with a guy in a bat costume.. Better yet, maybe this cut will make Clark not feel as bleak as he did in the theatrical cut and more hopeful.

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