If we were to ask non-comic book fans if they can list off any supervillains from DC Comics (after establishing the difference between DC and Marvel, of course), most would probably name nearly every major Batman foe and Lex Luthor. That’s because with a few exceptions, DC has primarily spent their attention on making Batman and Superman films, which means that the comic book company's diverse lineup of villains has barely been delved into. Fortunately, the DC Extended Universe is going to change that.

Thanks to Warner Bros’ upcoming slate of DC films, DC’s most famous superheroes are either making their cinematic debut or being redone for this new continuity. This also means that now is the time to place new villains in the spotlight. While certain baddies have already been/are set to be rebooted (ex. Zod and Joker), there are other great DC evildoers who need to be used, whether this is their first time being adapted for the big screen or they weren’t properly used the first time around. Here are the five DC Comics greats who need to cause trouble for our intrepid heroes in the near future.

Black Manta
Black Manta
There have been rumors that Aquaman’s half-brother Orm, a.k.a. Ocean Master, will be an antagonist in the 2018 Aquaman movie. That’s fine, but if they really want to put a great Aquaman villain in the spotlight, they’ll also include Black Manta, notorious treasure hunter. Although his past is mostly shrouded in mystery, he has been Aquaman’s arch-nemesis since his introduction in 1967. He may not be able to breathe underwater, but his fighting skills, mastery of weapons and high-tech deep sea suit (complete with optic blast-firing helmet) make him a formidable foe for the King of Atlantis. While Black Manta would work as a simple mercenary, the film would also be wise to incorporate their past history from Geoff Johns’ Aquaman run. In one of their early encounters, Black Manta attacked Aquaman’s father, so understandably he later retaliated back, but this resulted in him accidentally killing Black Manta’s father, instead. Feature those moments in Aquaman, then you can really establish bad blood between the duo.

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