7 Huge Reveals From Marvel's First Captain America: Civil War Trailer

On Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday, the first full trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped, setting Marvel fans into a furious frenzy of Phase 3 analysis and speculation. Have you watched the trailer in its entirety yet? OK, okay. Here it is again.

But as soon as we hit that triple-hero battle in the final frames of this glorious Civil War trailer, we knew we needed to start pulling out all of the juicy developments that co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo decided to reveal in this 2 minute and 30 second blitz. Without further ado, here are the moments that grabbed us by the star-spangled collar. What did YOU see?


Bucky Remembers Cap!

Finally! The man who was The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) is back to being the childhood bestie of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). He even remembers how Cap used to stuff newspaper in his shoes! Adorable. The only problem is, the actions of Winter Soldier mean Bucky is a fugitive. This scene played out in the end credits of Ant-Man, and now we know that Cap and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) finally have tracked down Bucky, and they are standing by this man… even though he’s guilty of more than a few crimes.


General "Thunderbolt" Ross Is Back… Connecting Cap To The Incredible Hulk

We haven’t seen General Ross (William Hurt) since he feverishly tracked Bruce Banner played, at the time, by Edward Norton) in The Incredible Hulk. At the tail end of that film, Ross met with Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), cementing the one-off Hulk film as canon and promising that the military leader could (and would) be brought back into the fold at some point. Well, he’s back. And his dialogue hints that he’s mad at Captain America. "You have operated with unlimited power, and no supervision. That’s something the world can no longer tolerate." Want to know the reason? Click on.

Sokovia Accords

The Sokovia Accords

Here’s the MCU’s version of the Superhero Registration Act, the government interference that Captain America (Chris Evans) will disagree with – and Stark, likely, will support. Apparently the destruction in Age of Ultron unnerved the nations of the world, and their collective governments are passing the above accords to keep superheroes in line. Seeing as how Captain America is a byproduct of World War II, I’m guessing, morally, he’ll have real problems with all of this. It’s going to lead to what we see in the next few frames.

Cap’s Team

Captain America’s Team… Revealed!

We have spent some time trying to figure out which Avengers would fight on whose side during the Civil War. When last we saw Cap at the end of Ultron, he had put together a team that included War Machine, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and Black Widow. Some of those members have jumped over to Team Iron Man (War Machine, specifically). From what we see in this trailer, Cap will be backed by Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, The Winter Soldier and Falcon. The next person we’re going to talk about, though, is a wild card…

Black Panther

Black Panther!

The Captain America: Civil War trailer gives us our first real look at Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther, and he looks AMAZING! There are multiple action shots of the Panther, both fighting and running away from pursuers. Boseman’s eventually going to get his own movie in the MCU, but he’ll make his big-screen debut in May. What do you think about this new costume?

War Machine

War Machine is Down

In order to maintain some of its tension, Civil War may need to produce casualties. If all of these heroes keep surviving from movie to movie, there’s no drama. It’s just going through the motions. If you look at Tony Stark throughout this trailer, he looks bruised and battered. But in the above image, he looks stunned. Perhaps its because his best friend is laid out on the ground? War Machine is down. Is he out? We can’t wait to find out.

Iron Man

A Friendship… Broken

"So was I." The line, spoken by Tony when Steve says Bucky is his friend, breaks our geek hearts in half! The Civil War was destined to put Iron Man and Cap on opposite sides of a moral divide. But seeing them go at it? That’s something else entirely. Can this team be repaired in time to bring Thanos down in the eventual Infinity War two-parter? (Probably. But why ruin all of the fun now?)

So, what was YOUR favorite moment in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer? Weigh in below, in the comments. Then go watch the trailer again and again.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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