On Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday, the first full trailer for Captain America: Civil War dropped, setting Marvel fans into a furious frenzy of Phase 3 analysis and speculation. Have you watched the trailer in its entirety yet? OK, okay. Here it is again.
But as soon as we hit that triple-hero battle in the final frames of this glorious Civil War trailer, we knew we needed to start pulling out all of the juicy developments that co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo decided to reveal in this 2 minute and 30 second blitz. Without further ado, here are the moments that grabbed us by the star-spangled collar. What did YOU see?

Bucky Remembers Cap!
Finally! The man who was The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) is back to being the childhood bestie of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). He even remembers how Cap used to stuff newspaper in his shoes! Adorable. The only problem is, the actions of Winter Soldier mean Bucky is a fugitive. This scene played out in the end credits of Ant-Man, and now we know that Cap and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) finally have tracked down Bucky, and they are standing by this man… even though he’s guilty of more than a few crimes.

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