Marvel Studios has some rather epic comic book films coming our way between now and 2019, from Captain America: Civil War, to the monster two-parter The Avengers: Infinity War. But while it’s been said that the battle against Thanos is what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has really been building to ever since its launch in 2008, the company doesn’t exactly have plans to shut its doors beyond that point. Instead, they plan on delivering many more years of superhero stories on the big screen. The big question that looms over all of it, however, is where does the MCU go from there?

Fortunately, that query is one with a lot of answers, thanks to the extensive library of Marvel Comics published over the decades. Those pages are filled to the brim with fantastic story ideas that filmmakers could easily turn into live-action movies beyond the events of The Avengers: Infinity War. But what storylines in particular would be best suited for this treatment? We’ve singled out seven that we would really love to see.

Secret Wars
Secret Wars
Marvel has actually labeled many events as the "Secret Wars" over the years – including a brand new one that will begin in May – but the title I am referring to here is the original "Secret Wars" from 1984/1985. In the classic arc, a cosmic being known as The Beyonder comes upon Earth and finds himself captivated by the struggle between superheroes and supervillains. Wanting to take his observation to the next level, he teleports a great number of them to a planet called Battleworld in a faraway galaxy. The characters are told that if they kill their enemies, they will be given anything in the universe that they desire. This is really the ultimate crossover storyline that would be best executed with a cast as big as possible, and the post-Infinity War period of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may be the perfect time.

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