Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street was one of the most ambitious and off-the-wall horror movies to come out of the 1980s. After all these years of sequels and competing franchises and that terrible remake, it can be easy to forget to show this crazy-good film its proper reverence. (Doing a music video with Dokken didn’t exactly usher Freddy Krueger’s horror cred to a higher plateau.) And much like every other 30-year-old, A Nightmare on Elm Street has been utilizing social media recently, with Wes Craven celebrating the film’s 30th anniversary in a fun way.

Throughout the month of October, Craven is dropping A Nightmare on Elm Street knowledge of all kinds on fans and followers, using the "#30YearsofNightmare" tag. The director is mixing general info about the production with unique insight into the inspirations behind Freddy Krueger. There’s nothing super juicy like, "Robert Englund is so method that he actually killed people in their sleep while prepping for the role," but that’s probably a good thing. Here are 8 of the most interesting things that Craven has had to say about his monster hit so far.

Some people travel to find inspiration, and some people have their personal privacy invaded by a would-be Peeping Tom with claw hands and a burned face. Craven was probably talking about Krueger’s signature brown fedora and red-and-green sweater. Or maybe his dream-gangster lean. I guess there are a lot of ways to take that Tweet in context. Creepy as it sounds, we should all thank that man for doing some window shopping at the Craven household that one night. He inspired a legend.

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