Iron Man 3 ended with Tony Stark destroying his armor and retiring from the superhero game andThor: The Dark World’s conclusion had the God of Thunder refusing the throne of Asgard, but when it comes to Marvel Studio’s Phase Two movies changing the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier has easily the biggest impact. By the end of the film nothing in the fictional world is the same, and its impact will be felt on both the big and small screens for years to come. But at the end of it all, where do things actually stand in the comic book movie world?

It’s for that reason that I am here to help out. I have put together a fun little guide to navigate you through all of the important consequences that Captain America: The Winter Soldier sets up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What can we expect from the movie’s major players in the future? Read on to find out!

It goes without saying, but this feature contains MULTIPLE spoilers, so proceed with caution!

Captain America
Captain America is a hero without a "home."
Captain America is a super-soldier without a real home at the beginning of his solo movie sequel, the character still trying to find his way through the modern world after being frozen in ice for decades, but sadly enough the film actually leaves him in an even worse position than he was in before. While he does have people in his life that he knows he can trust, like Black Widow and Falcon, everything he thought he was fighting for turned out to be wrong and the organization that he dedicated his life to has now been totally obliterated. Oh, and did I mention that his childhood best friend is a brainwashed assassin who tried to kill him many times before completely disappearing? The Winter Soldier definitely ends with the character in an incredibly interesting place, and it should be fascinating to see how things move from here in both theThe Avengers sequel and the untitled Captain America 3.

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