In a recent Twitter-based interview, writer/director James Gunn revealed that he is looking to mine the history of the Guardians Of The Galaxy to beef up the roster for the next film:

Naturally, this has already led fans to start speculating. Who could this be? The Guardians have a long and colorful history: the first team comes from the 31st century, and includes no members of the squad seen in the movie. In 2008, the team got a modern day revamp to become the squad most recognizable in the film. That gives Gunn many options – which will he choose? We looked at 10 candidates, starting with:

Adam Warlock
The most well-known of the candidates, Adam Warlock is perhaps the one who makes the most sense. The hero was essentially artificially generated by scientists seeking to create the perfect human. Fleeing into space, Warlock eventually becomes the protector of the "Soul Gem," which in the comics is one of the six Infinity Gems – referred to as "Infinity Stones" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films. He would be a logical addition in regards to the mythology, as he is the hero most closely associated with the ultra-powerful gems in the comics. The character is also known to preserve himself in a cocoon, and since there is a cocoon spotted in The Collector's headquarters in Guardians Of The Galaxy, the reality is that we may have already seen him.

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