You've probably already got your Halloween classics lined up for spooky viewing tonight, and if not, our suggestions of underrated modern horror movies or Netflix Instant recommendations have given you even more to consider. But the whole group of us here at Cinema Blend has something broader in mind this Halloween. We don't just want you to pick the right spooky movies to watch this year; we want you to pick one you've never considered a Halloween movie before.

From comic farces to animated classics to the world's creepiest superhero movie, these are all picks that don't necessarily scream "Halloween!" but have a place on this holiday anyway. Check out our picks below, and let us know your own unconventional Halloween picks in the comments. And of course, most important, Happy Halloween!

The Crow
Comic book movies are often painted with a broad brush as being almost exclusively part of the summer blockbuster season, but there is one hero in particular who is far more at home in the waning days of October: The Crow.

Though the movie was a May release when it first came out back in 1994, the dark tale of post-mortem vengeance is a perfect one to watch unfold on Halloween – and not just because it happens to be set on Devil’s Night. While the autumn holiday is typically celebrated with a hefty dose of horror movie scares, Alex Proyas’ adaptation of James O'Barr’s graphic novel series takes all of those thrills and deftly mixes them into a deep story that is lined with great characters and awesome action (not to mention a behind-the-scenes story filled with tragedy and mystery). You may have to resist the urge to go screaming into the night causing chaos and screaming "Fire it up!" loudly and often, but ultimately it’s all just about getting into the Halloween spirit.

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