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Adam McKay Reveals That The Boys Is Alive At Paramount

It looks like Adam McKay's planned adaptation has found new life. In February of this year the project was discarded by Sony, however, earlier this afternoon the filmmaker revealed that the movie may still happen. Taking to Twitter, the director had the following conversation with a fan:

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Based on a graphic novel by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, The Boys is about a world where people with superpowers exist, and an elite government agency is created to keep those individuals in check. The group is led by characters named Billy Butcher and Wee Hughie, the latter of whom was drawn to resemble Simon Pegg (who has been rumored to star in the movie as well).

McKay and Paramount were going head-to-head for a while, but it would seem that the relationship has gotten a lot better in recent months. Originally the two sides clashed because McKay and Will Ferrell wanted to make a sequel to Anchorman, but the studio didn't believe the project had enough international appeal (the film only made $5 million overseas). Now, though, Anchorman 2 has been given the greenlight and McKay and Ferrell and Ferrell have been working on the script in preparation to shoot in early 2013.

When I spoke with McKay in 2010, in addition to thinking about Pegg as Wee Hughie, the filmmaker also suggested Daniel Craig as Billy Butcher, Aaron Eckhart as The Homelander and either Noomi Rapace or Bjork as The Female (Of The Species). Now that the movie is back in development, who do you think that McKay should cast?

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