New Adventures Of Tintin Poster Is Gold, Shiny, And Suffers From Floating Heads Syndrome

The two images that have gotten the geek-friendly blogsophere pumped up in the last few days were pretty much variations on the same dark and gritty theme-- first there was Henry Cavill as a shadowy, mid-action Superman, and today we've gotten a glimpse at Anne Hathaway clad in leather as Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises. That gloomy look is pretty hip for comic book movies these days, and apparently even for comic book movies that aren't dark and gritty and all, but sometimes you just need a little bit of brightness. So why not let Steven Spielberg be the guy bringing it to you today?

A new poster for The Adventures of Tintin, watermarked so that is appears to be from Italy, has shown up on the movie's official Facebook page, and you can also see it below. Let the gold and blue colors and the crashing waves soothe you and wipe away the stressful sounds of Catwoman's motorcycle.

In reality, this Tintin poster isn't actual so bland and simple, featuring a burning ship in the middle of a plane apparently shooting bullets. It also falls victim to floating heads syndrome with all those mustached men up at the top, a stark contrast to the nicely simple teaser posters. But I still love the visual style of the Tintin universe, the way it seems shiny and welcoming but also adventurous, and I'm dying to see if it can convince me that motion-capture really is a good way to make a movie. Unlike all the superhero movies we've talked about these last few days, Tintin actually opens this year too-- see it in theaters come December 23.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend