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Akira Remake Loses Its Director

When we last heard from Warner Bros' live-action remake of Akira, Keanu Reeves had passed on the project, the studio had shut down the pre-visualization department, and most of the staff working on the film was let go. When writing up the story I mentioned that I was somewhat surprised that Albert Hughes, the assigned director of the project, had managed to hold on to his job through all of the chaos (which has also included script rewrites and Mila Kunis' departure fro the project). That was last Tuesday. Guess what's happening now?

Deadline has received word that Hughes is no longer the director attached to helm Akira. Contrary to what you may think, however, Hughes was not fired. According to the story, the split between the studio and the filmmaker was amicable and they are currently trying to find a project to work together on. In regards to the project, WB still sees the film as a high priority and will likely announce a new director soon. As for actors to play the roles of Kaneda and Tetuso, the studio is still consulting the shortlist of actors that was announced back in March.

What is it going to take to kill this project? The fans are totally against it, the studio can't seem to get any actors interested and Sulu remains pissed off. Someone should just take this project to the back alley, take out a gun, shoot it in the head and be done with it.

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