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If you've read the tabloids in the last year, you'd notice that Alec Baldwin has not been the media's sweetheart. And that's too bad, because the guy is constantly bringing it at a whole other level now that he's transitioned from leading man to character actor. And while he's likely not going to be a star who's name belongs above the title, Baldwin still kills just about every scene where he shows up. And he's bringing that level of awesome to two upcoming movies in a Baldwin-palooza that finds him jumping headfirst into his work.

Deadline reports that Alec Baldwin is taking on two new jobs, the most significant being a role in Mission: Impossible 5. Baldwin will be playing the head of the CIA, who Variety claims is in charge of overseeing Ethan Hunt's (Tom Cruise) IMF operations from on-high. No plot details are being shared for the upcoming blockbuster, but Baldwin's just too good to float through a role as a "higher-up." This role has "traitor/mole" written all over it: if Captain America: The Winter Soldier 's box office success taught us anything, it's that the audience is highly receptive to non-bipartisan conspiracy theories that reach to the very top of the food chain, and what's more sinister than questionable misdeeds occurring within the CIA?

Baldwin is also stepping into the untitled football drama starring Will Smith to be directed by Peter Landesman (Parkland). No word on who he's playing in that film, or what shape it will ultimately take. Sony is prepping that film to presumably be Will Smith's next starring vehicle after he dropped out of Brilliance, so a fourth quarter 2014 shoot for a 2015 release is likely. One could easily see Baldwin as a forceful, possibly blustery NFL executive who is responsible for the film's main conflict, the forceful suppression of concussion statistics specifically to avoid providing costly medical assistance to retired athletes. But maybe Baldwin will play against type as a fellow doctor who works with Smith after they uncover the shocking truth about the league. Baldwin is also in talks for a new NBC show where he'd play an embattled mayor in the vein of Rob Ford, but being on 30 Rock didn't keep Baldwin from popping up onscreen, so this show shouldn't either.

Mission: Impossible 5, which is likely to change titles, is coming from director Christopher McQuarrie from the pen of writer Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3). Apparently the offer for a lead female role was out to Jessica Chastain, who passed, opening the door to the search for a new lead actress. Baldwin will next be seen in Cameron Crowe's latest untitled film and Warren Beatty's also-untitled Howard Hughes biopic.

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