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Alicia Keys Joins The Nanny Diaries

A few days ago on the underrated, Japanese imported gambling game show “Banzai”, noted musician Alicia Keys fell prey to Mr. Shake Hands Man. It was her best work to date. I hope like me, you were up at midnight in the middle of the week to see it.

Riding the high of her unintended “Banzai” appearance, Keys is now transitioning from late night, wacky Asian television to feature films. She’s been cast in a big screen adaptation of the novel “The Nanny Diaries” for the Weinstein Company, according to Variety. The film version is being directed from a director’s chair built for two by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini.

The film is already overloaded with big name talent. Scarlett Johansson is signed to star as the titular nanny. Chris Evans, Laura Linney, Paul Giamatti, and Donny Murphy are also in the cast.

What’s it about? A crazy Jewish nanny with a horrible voice and terrible fashion sense is forced to go work for a rich, snobby Broadway producer… wait no. Wrong nanny. Not far off though. It really is the story of a working class woman who signs up to nanny for rich Manhattanites. Fran Drescher deserves a cameo.

This will be Alicia Keys’ first feature film role. Till now her only involvement with the movie making end of Hollywood has been in composing.