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These Alternate Jurassic Park Posters Are Decades Old And Still Incredible

Where were you when you first saw an ad for Jurassic Park? Watching TV? In the theater? Driving down the highway? Wherever you were, you stopped and stared at the above image. It was striking, but minimalist, with echoes of the infamous yellow oval Batman posters that flooded multiplexes all throughout 1988 and 1989. But what if we told you that there were several different pitches for Jurassic Park and that they weren't meant to be seen by us? Somehow... life finds a way.

As the Jurassic World promotional campaign threatens to start sometime soon, we take a look into the past with IGN's exclusive peak at "The Art Of John Alvin". This collection hits shelves on August 22nd, and it features several alternate poster takes on the likes of Blade Runner, Batman, and others. But most interesting is the glimpse into the Jurassic Park ad campaign we never once saw. This was before the age of movies wallpapering the internet with multiple trailers and directors and writers giving endless interviews to press. A great poster was pivotal to a movie's success.

To prove it, here are a few rejected themes and concepts.


This one just might be too intense. The emphasis on the dinosaur's eye feels a bit too cerebral, though it does very much look like the Eye Of Sauron. A little too many words here.


Did you know that this was a movie where they had to fight space dinosaurs? Did you know that?


This one's actually kind of nice, evocative of the scene where Lex and Tim get up close and personal with some "veggie sauruses".


Finally, this unfinished idea, which looks like every rock album you've ever dreamed about. This wasn't used for Jurassic Park, but can it be used on the side of a van? Food for thought!

To check out the rest of the posters, you can head over to IGN.