In its hefty Summer Movie Preview issue, Entertainment Weekly had a previously unseen image of Andrew Garfield in full Spidey gear from Marc Webb’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man. It kicked off the “July” section of the magazine’s preview… and had the giant crease from the middle of the magazine cutting the image in half. It was kind of a pain, particularly if, like my 8-year-old son, you wanted to hang it on your wall as you got psyched up for the wall-crawler’s next big-screen adventure. Fear not, though, for Sony has released the shot to the movie’s official Facebook page, and I’m sharing it with you below:

Here's what I love about it: it’s a full-blown shot of Spidey with his mask on! I’ve argued this point already in past stories, but will continue to sing praise about the decision to keep Spider-Man’s mask on every time Sony wisely chooses to do so. But where is Spider-Man in this shot? You can see feet and legs standing behind him, but his costume’s damaged. Has he met The Lizard (Rhys Ifans) already in this scene? Is that an open man-hole by Spidey’s feet? And speaking of, why are Spider-Man’s feet so silvery in this shot? Is there something on those boots to help him stick?

There are still so many juicy questions that still need answers. Guess we’ll have to wait until July 3, when Webb unleashes his Spider-Man reboot with Garfield, Emma Stone, Ifans and a solid cast of supporting players. I honestly can not wait. In the meantime, to see more from The Amazing Spider-Man head over to our Blend Film Database.

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