American Idol's Jessica Sanchez Rumored For Lead Role In Miss Saigon Movie

For years there's been talk of an adaptation of Claud-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boubil's Broadway musical Miss Saigon. And with Les Miserables set to arrive in theaters this December, the timing seems right for updates to surface on the Miss Saigon adaptation. Last we heard, Precious' Lee Daniels was set to direct the picture, and now there are rumors floating around that a certain American Idol contestant may be in the running for the lead role of Kim.

Based on Giacomo Puccini's opera Madame Butterlfy, Miss Saigon debuted in London in 1989 and arrived on Broadway a few years later. The musical tells the tragic story of a young prostitute in Vietnam and the GI who falls for her during the war. Lea Salonga played the lead role of the young prostitute Kim in the original cast. She went on to play the role of Eponine in Les Miserables on Broadway. And in film, you'll hear her voice singing as Jasmine in Aladdin and Mulan in Mulan.

It's difficult to tell how, exactly, this rumor started and thusly, just how close to being true it is. (Via MTV) posted some quotes from actress and singer Lea Salonga discussing the possibility of Season 11 American Idol finalist Jessica Sanchez playing the role of Kim in the Miss Saigon feature adaptation, citing an interview with 24 Oras.

“If she’s the one that they’ve chosen, or she’s somebody in serious consideration, then that’s a good thing,” offered Salonga. “We all know she’s talented, we all know she’s actually quite beautiful.”

It doesn't sound like Salonga is confirming anything there, merely commenting on the idea of Sanchez playing the role in response to presumed rumors. It's unclear where that stems from or how serious they are.

Jessica Sanchez proved to be one of the biggest surprises in Season 11 of Idol. Following her near elimination (the judges saved her), she began to win over the voting viewers and the 16-year-old went on to be the season's runner-up. But would she make a good Kim? Salonga set the bar high for the role, but Sanchez is in the right area age-wise, and she definitely can sing. As for her acting talent, that remains to be seen but she wouldn't be the first former Idol contestant to find success in film, should that be in the cards for her. Things worked out pretty well for Jennifer Hudson, after all.

From what MTV reports, Glee's Charice (she played Sunshine Corazon) is another name rumored for the part. Whether either of these young women land the role, it's interesting to see some buzz about the feature. Perhaps there will be some more updates on it in the near future.

Kelly West
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