Amy Adams isn’t easily pinned down by genres. She can launch her career in an indie like Junebug, carry a princess fantasy like Enchanted, and help anchor a PT Anderson drama like The Master. Her incredible range, last year, allowed her to transition seamlessly from the superhero tentpole Man of Steel to the awards-friendly American Hustle… for which she earned an Oscar nomination. So when we learn that she’s interested in an alien thriller, we hardly bat an eye.

Adams has entered early talks to star in Story of Your Life for Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve, according to Deadline. Based on a short story by Ted Chiang, Life centers on an expert linguist who is recruited by the government to communicate with aliens after spacecrafts begin touching down on our planet.

Oh, so it’s not that different from Man of Steel, after all?

Really, what does the "S" stand for?

Villeneuve got his start in the engaging movie Incendies, about twins embarking on a dangerous physical and emotional journey through the Middle East. He followed that up with the child-abduction thriller Prisoners, which featured career-best performances by Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal. While the movie nabbed an Oscar nomination (for cinematography), it went home empty handed because the Academy hates Roger Deakins.

Those interested in Villeneuve’s ability to twist a narrative might also want to check out the other film he made with Gyllenhaal: Enemy. This head-scratcher stars the Zodiac star as two men who look identical to each other. But as it plays out, you begin to wonder if they aren’t different versions of the same man… just existing on different timelines. It’s beyond bizarre, but artful enough to keep you guessing.

That movie, too, is based on a novel. Maybe Villeneuve prefers adapting text to the screen? The premise behind Story of Your Life sounds like it could be played for a small, character-driven drama – only one with larger, sci-fi instincts. Or, this could be the director’s transition into bigger-scale blockbusters. Either way, adding Adams in a lead role always helps. The five-time Oscar nominee can next be seen in Andrew Levitas’ Lullaby opposite Garrett Hedlund. She also recently wrapped production on Tim Burton’s Big Eyes, due in theaters later this year.
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