Angelina Jolie Bails On Wanted 2 To Work With Alfonso Cuaron - UPDATED

angelina jolie in by the sea
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It always seemed a little insane that Universal wanted a sequel to Wanted, given that they were planning to bring back Angelina Jolie who-- SPOILER ALERT!-- killed herself with a magic curving bullet at the end of the movie. No offense intended to James McAvoy, but he probably wasn't going to be able to carry a sequel without his super-famous co-star.

And now, New York Magazine reports that Jolie has bailed on the sequel all together, and smartly, Universal has pulled the plug rather than trying to carry on without her. The project Jolie is eyeing to do instead is Gravity, an Alfonso Cuaron-directed drama about a woman stranded in a space station and trying to get back home to her family. Yes, it sounds a lot like Duncan Jones's Moon. No, I seriously doubt this movie will manage to be better, despite my abundant love for Cuaron.

Gravity is getting the blame for Jolie bailing on the project, but really, we probably should have expected her to bounce from this long ago. Wanted was ridiculous and over-the-top and really fun, yes, but hasn't held up that well and already feels like it came out 10 years ago. Jolie can pick and choose projects as she pleases, and this is one that didn't make sense for her from the beginning. Not that it makes sense to try to beat Sam Rockwell at his own game in a Moon knockoff, but we'll get to that later.

UPDATE! EW now says Angelina Jolie has passed on Gravity as well. That doesn't mean she's doing Wanted 2, it appears that's still out of the picture. But now Gravity is too.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend