Angelina Jolie Could Play A Famous Movie Monster For Universal

For all the heroes Angelina Jolie has portrayed over the years, she has developed just as strong of a knack for creating iconic monsters. From Grendel’s mother in Beowulf to Maleficent, the actress’ beauty and gravitas have always endowed her with the ability to dominate a scene in a frightening way. Now, if rumors are to be believed, she may soon bring that skill to an iconic Universal monster: the Bride of Frankenstein.


THR reports that Universal is currently eyeing Jolie to portray the venerable cinematic monster for producer Brian Grazer. The report indicates that the studio’s decision to back her recent passion project, By the Sea, was so that she will now return the favor by lending her household name to a likely more profitable project. It remains entirely plausible that Universal will use this leverage to get Jolie involved in a long-awaited sequel to the 2008 action film Wanted, but as of now it seems that getting her involved in the Bride of Frankenstein is the more likely scenario.


Fans of classic movie monsters will undoubtedly remember that the Bride of Frankenstein debuted in the 1935 film of the same name. She was created by Doctor Septimus Pretorius – Dr. Frankenstein’s former mentor – to exist as a bride for Frankenstein’s original monster. In the years since the film’s release, she has become arguably as iconic as her male counterpart – especially her tall black and white hairstyle.


If Jolie does indeed sign on to the project, it seems likely that it will be a long term investment for both her and the studio. Universal has had plans to create their own "Universal Monster Universe" in the same vain as the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time. Instead of Iron Man and Captain America, characters such as Frankenstein, the Mummy, Dracula, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon will inhabit this realm and interact with one another across films and storylines. Universal began this endeavor back in 2014 with Dracula Untold. Starring Luke Evans, the film experienced moderate success at best, but it got the ball rolling on this universe – albeit with shaky footing. Bringing Jolie and her star power into the fold may have the effect of stabilizing everything – similar to Warner Bros. decision to cast established star Ben Affleck as Batman opposite relative Hollywood newcomer Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe.


It’s worth noting that, as of now, these are all just rumors. Until we know for sure that Jolie has signed on the dotted line, nothing can be confirmed. We here at Cinema Blend will keep you informed on all updates regarding Angelina Jolie, her role as the Bride of Frankenstein, and the Universal Monster Universe at large. Stay tuned.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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