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When Hollywood is looking for a woman that can kick some ass, they inevitably return with Angelina Jolie's name. From Tomb Raider to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted to Salt, Jolie, despite her skinny frame, has developed a reputation as an actresses who can take down a room full of bad guys and look amazing while doing it. It's for that reason that it's amazing Jolie has never hooked up with director Luc Besson before, but that's finally about to change.

According to Deadline, Jolie is now in talks to star in a new action film written and directed by Luc Besson. While the project doesn't yet have a title and plot details are slim, the site reports that it's a thriller "rooted in true scientific elements" (what that means exactly is still a bit of a mystery). Besson has made a career out of building strong female characters, beginning with La Femme Nikita in 1990, Leon in 1994, and even his newest film, The Lady, which is currently in theaters. The project is moving quickly and could begin production as early as next spring. Should she sign on, Jolie will make the film before working with Ridley Scott on the Gertrude Bell biopic, which was revealed last month.

Like I said, it's amazing that we've gone this long without seeing Jolie star in a Luc Besson film. Even in animated films she plays a tiger that can do kung-fu. This is a match made in cinematic heaven and hopefully Besson can give her a script better than the dreadful Columbiana.

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