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There are few people I'm happier to see in a comedy than Ryan Reynolds, and the idea of the two of them teaming up seems almost too good to be true. While promising talent is never a guarantee of a good movie, we've got two great reasons to be optimistic about TMI, a comedy about oversharing in a relationship that will star Reynolds and Faris.

The script, according to Variety, comes from Serendipity writer Marc Klein and someone calling herself Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, a nickname that I will choose not to hold again her. There's no more information in the piece than the basic pitch, but it's not hard to imagine Reynolds and Faris telling each other a series of inappropriate things and getting into all kinds of trouble as a result. Sure, it could still turn out terribly, but Reynolds and Faris are about as funny as people can be when given the right material to work with. If they snag a good director for it, we can be even more certain we're in good hands.