Anna Paquin And Kristen Bell For Scream 4 Cameos

Kristen Bell smiling on Parks and Recreation.
(Image credit: NBC)

Ever since Drew Barrymore was murdered while her Jiffy Pop burned on the stove, the Scream franchise has taken a specific plesaure in killing big-name actresses early on the films. Jada Pinkett Smith got the boot at the beginning of Scream 2 and Jenny McCarthy was the early victim in Scream 3, but so far we haven't figured out which famous actresses will be knocked off in Scream 4, which has beenf liming in Michigan all summer. They probably want to keep it secret, but USA Today thinks they know who it will be-- and it's not one actress but two.

They're reporting that Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell are both set for cameos in the film, and while they don't specifically say that the two would be killed off in the beginning of the film, that's the logical assumption for anything in this murder-happy franchise. Paquin is probably a bit more famous than Bell at the moment with that Rolling Stone cover and the ubiquity of True Blood, but both would be instantly recognizable to Scream 4 audiences. If you thought Anna Paquin was looking bloody here, just wait and see her after Ghostface takes a stab.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend