Anne Hathaway And Kate Hudson Duke It Out In Bride Wars

Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars
(Image credit: 20th Century Studios)

It’s been a depressing news day for female actresses. First there’s Michelle Williams taking a role in the new Scorsese movie, which will probably be great except that her part will suck. And now we have news about Bride Wars, the movie that is exactly what it sounds like, unless you’re thinking of The Bride from Kill Bill, in which case, it’s not at all what it sounds like.

This one seems like a classic chick flick, except instead of being about female friendship and shopping, it’s all about how women undermine each other and go totally insane when it comes to weddings. Anne Hathaway has joined Kate Hudson in the cast, and the two will play best friends who choose the same date for their weddings. Because women are selfish bitches, neither will budge, so they spend the rest of the film fighting over venues, caterers, and the like. Obviously at the end they will remember the true meaning of friendship, and either have a double wedding or rush across town in a kooky manner to make sure to be at each others’ ceremonies.

Wow, sorry for so much bitterness on a Friday. I guess I’ve been too distracted by all the news about Juno, and how women on screen can finally have personalities and be awesome, and then stuff like this comes up and reminds me “Oh yeah, Hollywood has no interest in real people at all.” I’m sure Bride Wars will be silly and fluffy and fun for certain people, and since Gary Winick, who did the delightful 13 Going on 30, is directing, it probably has a better-than-average shot at not sucking . I’m just bored with the same characters showing up in the same kinds of movies over and over again. I guess we have to have something to put in theaters in January and February, but does it have to be this bad?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend