We have more than a year to wait to see Will Gluck’s remake on the popular stage and feature musical Annie, but the sun has already begun to come out for this project, as evidenced by the above photo, which shows some of the cast looking as though they’re mid-song. That includes the adorable Quvenzhane Wallis, who can be seen dressed in Annie’s signature red up front. Next to her is Jamie Foxx, who plays Benjamin Stacks, the Daddy Warbucks of this story, and Rose Byrne, as Grace, is over there on the right in the tan jacket. And though her name isn’t mentioned in the Tweet — possibly for characters’ sake — is that not Cameron Diaz over on the left? Diaz is set to play Miss Hannigan in the film.

I think it might be fair to assume we’re seeing a glimpse of a musical number, especially when we take into account the fact that they're all facing forward, and then factor in the marching band that’s in the background. I’m also wondering if this scene might be toward the end of the movie, especially if that is Diaz/Miss Hannigan we’re seeing on the left. Not only does this look like it could be a big ensemble song, but one of the red balloons hovering near the ground has a white "S" on it. With a word beneath the S that look like it could be "Stacks" and then more words beneath it. From what we’ve heard about the film, Foxx’s character is looking at running for Mayor. Bobby Cannavale has been cast to play Stacks’ "bulldog political advisor." Could those balloons be related to Stacks’ campaign in some way? We can only speculate. (Check out the bigger version of the image below.)

While this is a rare look at the film, it isn't the first glimpse we’ve gotten from the remake. Cameron Diaz Tweeted a photo of herself as Ms. Hannigan last month, stating rather candidly, "She ain’t nice and she ain’t pretty."

Assuming everything stays on track, Sony/Columbia are aiming to get Annie into theaters in time for next year’s holiday season, with a December 19, 2014 release date scheduled. Given how beloved the original film is (or going back further, the comics and radio show), Christmas seems like the right time of year to tap into nostalgia and also reach out to a new generation of kids who have yet to discover this classic story about an orphan who finds her way into the heart of a billionaire.

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