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Apocalypse Will Have This Awesome Power In X-Men: Apocalypse

We've seen plenty of incredible mutant powers on display through the course of seven X-Men films, but the next entry in the series will be showing us something completely different in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. As seen in the post-credits sequence of Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days of Future Past, the titular villain of the upcoming sequel really has what can be described as the powers of a god. For example, in the comics one of his greatest tools is his ability to manipulate every molecule in his body - and it looks like that element is guaranteed to be performed by the character's big screen counterpart.

Oscar Isaac, who signed on to play Apocalypse in the new X-Men movie this past November, recently sat down for an interview with Coming Soon, and revealed that one of his character's most notable and incredible powers will be on display in X-Men: Apocalypse. The actor was asked if he would be wearing a motion-capture suit or a costume on the set of the blockbuster, and while he couldn't really give an answer to that specific question, he did offer up that one of the villain's best powers will be shown. Said Isaac,

"(The costume) hasn’t been figured out yet, but one of his major powers is being able to change all the molecules in his body. So I’ll be changing all the molecules in my body… It’s gonna be a lot of fun."

If you're not familiar with Apocalypse's ability to manipulate his molecules, then I'll answer your first question: yes, this power is every bit as amazing as you think it is. At will, he can not only change things like size, density, and flexibility, but can even transforms parts of his body into weapons and adapt to absolutely any environment. It's one of the key reasons why he is such a scary, dangerous foe for the X-Men, and it will be fascinating to see how it's portrayed in X-Men: Apocalypse.

What does still make me scratch my head about Oscar Isaac's comments, however, is the on-going discussion about the visual approach to his character. When I spoke to the actor last month, he told me something very similar about Apocalypse's physical appearance in the movie, saying that concepts were being drawn up but that most focus was being paid towards the villain's mind. It's interesting that Isaac still won't confirm if they're going in a costume direction or with motion-capture, which really says two things to me - either there's an actual debate going on behind the scenes about which direction to go, or they have made a decision but aren't ready to announce it yet because of fear of any potential backlash from the choice.

With X-Men: Apocalypse looking to start up production in the next few months, surely we'll start hearing more concrete details about the film soon, both in terms of things like visual approach to the villain and casting. Be sure to stay tuned, and start counting down the days until the film hits theaters May 27, 2016.

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