Apparently Batman v Superman Will Be Shown A Week Early To Select Superfans

Given that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice isn't coming out until March of next year, it still feels like an eternity needs to pass before we see it. For some lucky fans, however, that wait just got about a week shorter. That's because those attending tonight's special IMAX screenings of the upcoming movie's trailer have been given passes that will give them early access to the blockbuster.

This news is coming to us from, which says that those who make the trip out to tonight's theatrical trailer showings will receive special passes that will allow them access to screenings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that will apparently be held in various cities around the country in advance of the feature's official release date one week later. This little goodie comes in addition to a pair of twin posters for the film that we first got a glimpse at last night:

Batman v Superman

Honestly, this is a pretty fantastic giveaway. One can imagine that really only hardcore DC Comics/superhero fans are going to be trekking out to IMAX theaters this evening, and this is a great way to reward them for that loyalty. After all, more casual appreciators of this big blockbuster probably won't be willing to spend hours of their Monday evening on line just so that they can see an extended version of a trailer that was already released online last week. This is a really nice "Thank you" being passed down.

Tonight's IMAX screenings of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer have been sold out and overbooked nationwide, but we're still waiting to hear exactly what those in the audience got to see footage-wise that most of us haven't yet. Fortunately, we have our own Sean O'Connell at one of these screenings, and he will be reporting back later tonight with all of the wonderful and juicy details.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, is set shortly after the events seen in Man of Steel, and finds Superman (Henry Cavill) stuck in the middle of a great deal of controversy. There are many who view him as a savior, but there is also a very vocal group of people who are scared of what he can do and how he uses his powers. It's this conflict that eventually leads the Man of Tomorrow to go toe-to-toe with Batman (Ben Affleck), the hero of Gotham City who has plans of making the Kryptonian bleed. The movie's fantastic supporting cast also includes Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Ray Fisher, Jason Momoa, Holly Hunter and Jeremy Irons. Look for it in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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