The Aquaman Conflict Jason Momoa Can't Wait To Explore

While the Aquaman movie is still a couple of years away, it’s been part of DC cinematic plan for quite some time. For as long as they’ve been working on it, you’d think that we would have learned a lot more about what the plans are for the character but details have been hard to come by. Now, thanks to last night’s CW special on the formation of The Justice League, we have our first clues as to what Aquaman will be fighting first. It turns out, the answer is himself.

DC and Warner Brothers are going old school when it comes to Aquaman as they will be basing the character on his Silver Age origin story. Aquaman will be born as Arthur Curry, the son of a lighthouse keeper who learns that his mother is the queen of Atlantis. The actor who will be portraying Aquaman, Jason Momoa, thinks this is what makes the character truly unique.

He’s the only one that’s both a human and he’s a god. I want to see him struggle with the fact that he has these powers, and he doesn’t know how to handle them. That he hasn’t been trained.

Based on the detail we now have, we will meet him as he is beginning to develop his powers, which he doesn’t understand. Unlike a character like Superman, who lives among humans, but knows he’s not one of them, Aquaman will be torn between these two worlds. Aquaman’s origin has changed a few times over the years, like most comic book heroes. Sometimes he’s half human, while other times he’s a full-blooded Atlantean who was born under the sea. This origin probably makes the most sense as it will make Aquaman a unique character among the different Justice League characters. Based on what we’ve seen of Wonder Woman, she will be playing the role of "stranger in a strange land" just fine, so adding another character like that in Aquaman won’t give the team anything new. Instead, by having somebody who is human, but at the same time feels separated, it should make for an interesting struggle.

The internal conflict likely won’t be the only one we get, however, as an image near the end of the clip shows us an external battle that might be a hint of things to come.

image description

What might be the most interesting thing about this brief look at Aquaman is how many of these images involve him being blonde. In one early shot we do see the image of Momoa as Aquaman that we’ve seen before, but throughout the rest of the montage we see the traditional blonde Aquaman from the comics.

image description

While it could be that DC just wanted to show people the version of the character they’re more familiar with, as there’s no film footage to show yet, at the same time if that’s not what we’re going to see in the movie it would make more sense to start getting people used to the new look. Maybe we’ll be seeing more of the old school Aquaman than we thought. Check out the full details below.

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