Will Austin Powers 4 Ever Happen? Here's What The Director Says

In this age of reboots, remakes, and revivals, no stone is left unturned lately. We’ve got TV versions of Lethal Weapon and Exorcist on their way, as well as the incredibly controversial Ghostbusters reboot. With all these properties from our childhoods brought back into the limelight, one question everybody seems to have is where the hell is Austin Powers 4? Okay, I don’t think that many people have said that, except for Mike Myers and director Jay Roach. Jay Roach, in particular, has voiced his optimism about a potential return to the International Man of Mystery.

Jay Roach got his start directing Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and he directed both of its sequels. Roach has since moved on and produced films such as Trumbo, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots. Roach recently appeared on Larry King Now, where the legendary interviewer asked him if he was making an Austin Powers 4. Though he doesn’t outright confirm anything, Roach does mention that he and Mike Myers are always looking for a good idea for a fourth film.

You know, [Mike Myers and I] talk about it every time we get together. I would say it's in a latent phase right now, but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure. Mike gave me the break of a lifetime in letting me direct [Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] so I'm always good to go.

Well, there you go. No one's rushing to make a new one, but the duo are always looking for opportunities.

I haven’t revisited the Austin Powers films in a long time, but I’d imagine they’d need a hefty amount of updating for modern times. It was usually all just sex jokes and goofy visual gags.

I think the big question here is: do we even want an Austin Powers 4? Is seeing Mike Myers put his wig and glasses back on something anyone is foaming at the mouth for? It seems like a property that no one thinks is very shagadelic at the moment. The franchise had its moments (I’ve always been fond of the opening numbers and Will Ferrell's Mustafa), but it might have already seen its heyday. Of course, given the right idea, it could end up being awesome and slap everyone in the face with how wrong they were to doubt. We live in a world where the third 21 Jump Street movie is a crossover with Men in Black. Anything’s possible.

What do you all think? Is it time for Austin Powers to make a comeback, or are you just completely indifferent? Can we all start saying shagadelic again?

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