We’re waiting on the latest Avengers trailer, which reportedly will hit the Web on Wednesday. In the meantime, Marvel has put together a new poster. We’ve shared it with you below and you can click on the image to see it full size in our database:

This time it’s Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark who takes center stage, with his assembled teammates lingering at or near the background. Speaking of, there does appear to be a lot of devastation happening around Earth’s mightiest heroes, with fireballs crashing into skyscrapers and general toil gathering up at their feet.

I’m not sure what’s left to show in the new trailer, as the latest clip – which ran during the Super Bowl -- teased a great deal of the plot and action that we can expect from Joss Whedon’s upcoming summer blockbuster. In fact, I’m getting dangerously close to the point where I want to shut down my Avengers prep so that I have more than a few surprises waiting for me when I sit down for The Avengers on May 4. Where do you stand? Are you looking for more Hulk footage? Do you think there’s still more to be discovered about the plot, perhaps pertaining to an extraterrestrial threat for our heroes to overcome? Well, the new trailer hits Wednesday, and I’m sure we’ll see plenty more TV spots leading up to opening weekend. The Avengers inches ever closer.

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