Back To The Future Scene Gets A Dubstep Remake Featuring Skrillex

For children of the '80s Robert Zemeckis's Back to the Future was not only required viewing, but also something deeply ingrained in our collective psyche thanks to Michael J. Fox's plucky appeal and its repeated screenings on television for the last 27 years. So much of the film, from its supped up Delorean blazing a path to the past to Christopher Lloyd's wild doc styles and Marty's puffy red vest has become iconic. But in a comedy bit that's fittingly imagining a different past, we get to see what might have happened if Marty McFly came from today… and was really into dubstep.

College Humor reimagines the classic scene of Marty's exhilarating rendition of "Johnny B Goode" with a little help from a keyboard and dubstep super star Skrillex.

While he's a little lanky in comparison to Back to the Future era Fox, CH's Marty McFly deserves props for his masterful mimicry of the time-traveling hero's jumpy physicality. But from there this Marty flips the script—not to mention his blazer—and digs into electronic music, inspiring the goody two shoes of 1950's Hill Valley to some cutting edge dance moves that look strangely cool in prom attire. Plus the cutaway to the band playing that doesn't correspond to the music at all is a solid gag. But just when you think this bit has run its course, we get a shot of the phone call of Marvin Skrillex, calling his cousin whose looking for a new sound…and now a pen.

Later this year Skrillex will make his movie debut, appearing in a cameo as a video game DJ in Disney's upcoming animated adventure Wreck-It Ralph, which hits theaters November 2nd.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.