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I've said it before, I'll say it now and there is no doubt that I will say it again: I LOVE THE INTERNET! Fifty years ago, if you wanted to do something stupid/dangerous/creative/awesome, it was for you and your friends to enjoy, with others possibly hearing about it in correspondence letters. Now, people can declare April 11th Bacon Day, build an AT-AT walker from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back out of 40 pounds of the delicious pork product, and share it with everyone around the globe. And that's just what someone did.

Allow me to introduce Nick from This Is Freaking Ridiculous, who had a mission and completed it. Starting with a foam structure, Nick cooked up copious amounts of the most delicious food on Earth and, for 21 straight hours, attached one to the other. The result is a giant must-smell-delicious masterpiece that I'm sure will get all of the negative nabobs of negativity out there screaming about wasting food hungry people in Africa. Please, just enjoy the awesome.

Check out some of the pictures below and head over to Nick's site to check out the rest.

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