Batman's Batwing On Display In New Batman v Superman Images

Batman (Ben Affleck) is going to need all of the help that he can get when it comes time to make Superman (Henry Cavill) "bleed" in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. We know that the Dark Knight is going to have a sleek and powerful Batwing at his disposal, and now we have a better view of it:

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Prolific superhero scooper Umberto Gonzalez dropped new concept art for Batman’s flying craft on his Instagram page, following up the previous concept art he shared for the new Batwing. Though these pictures are smaller than the previous image, they go give us shots of the Batwing in different positions, showing off the extensions that protect the hull of the craft -- and, I assume, carry the guns that allow Batman to take out opponents from a safe distance. Remember this shot, from the recent Batman V Superman trailer?

Batwing Gif

We also got a great look at Batman and his Batwing soaring over trouble in this GIF:

Batwing Gif

And in that GIF, you can see the peaks of the wings, which are evident in the above concept art. Now, why would Batman need such a craft? Because his adversary, Kal-El, can fly! And while there’s bound to be a confrontation on the ground, Batman (and all of his costumed armor) better be prepared to take the fight to the skies if he hopes to ultimately get the upperhand on Superman. After all of this imagery for the Batwing, I sure hope that there are more than a few scenes with it in action. Syder also teased a Batmobile, which is extremely souped-up, and we saw brief snippets of Wayne Manor and a Bat cave. How much of this hero's side of the story will be get in Dawn of Justice? So many questions remain.

Gonzalez has a direct pipeline to this type of DC promo art. He recently shared imagery of Wonder Woman and the Batsuit, as well as Marvel imagery of Captain America and Iron Man, from Joe and Anthony Russo’s Civil War. Are these sneak previews getting you more excited for next year’s superhero crop? Or does it suck that we still have so long to wait?

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