What Captain American And Iron Man's Civil War Costumes Will Look Like

With each passing Marvel movie, the heroes in the spotlight tend to receive upgrades in the costume department. One of my favorite moments from Captain America: The Winter Soldier occurs, though, when Cap (Chris Evans) retrieves his classic suit from the Smithsonian before confronting his former partner, Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan). From the looks of it, though, Captain America’s getting a few costume tweaks prior to Captain America: Civil War, which currently is filming in Atlanta.

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Comic-book news scooper Umbert Gonzalez posted the above Captain America concept art on his Instagram, teasing upgrades from the costume the First Avenger wore in Joss Whedon’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Aside from the brown gloves and larger belt, my eyes can’t spot the differences. A similar issue plagues the first look Gonzalez shared of Tony Stark’s Civil War armor, which fans are calling the "Bleeding Edge" armor:

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None of this helps explain WHY Cap and Iron Man will come to blows in the next Marvel movie. I half expected Age of Ultron to end with the long-time Avengers at odds. Not the case. Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) rides off into the sunset, while Rogers (Evans) stays behind to train a new team. Everything seems hunky dory, though we know it can’t stay that way.

Joe and Anthony Russo are scheduled to direct next summer’s Captain America: Civil War, and we keep hearing that multiple heroes will be showing up on screen. We recently ran a handy guide for the teams we think that will be forged in the movie. We also expect to get our first look at Black Panther, and Marvel’s new Spider-Man, in the upcoming sequel. For now, what do you think of the concept art for these new suits?

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