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Batman can’t fly or run at super speed like many of his Justice League teammates, but thanks to being a billionaire and head of a major company, he has no problems supplying himself with cool vehicles. He got to ride around both on the ground in the Batmobile and through the air in the Batwing during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For his next major appearance in Justice League: Part One, there’s now word that he may get to traverse the sea in his own Bat-Submarine!

This rumor comes from the latest episode of Heroic Insider, where they say that Batman will pilot his own submarine to travel to a special destination: Atlantis. Apparently Justice League: Part One will feature a trip to the underwater kingdom, but Batman and Aquaman reportedly won’t get along when they first meet. On top of that, it’s also rumored that the Atlanteans and Amazons from Themyscira don’t get along thanks to a "thousand year" conflict, though there was no elaboration on whether a battle between the two groups would be featured in the movie. Assuming this submarine rumor is true, this would be the second time a Bat-Sub has been seen in a theatrical Batman movie. In 1995’s Batman Forever, after the Caped Crusader’s plane was destroyed in midair by Riddler and Two-Face, the cockpit transformed into a subversive vehicle.

Spoilers for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice are ahead!

Even before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters, director Zack Snyder mentioned that Batman would be the one gathering the Justice Leaguers together. The movie painted a clearer picture, as following Superman’s death, Bruce Wayne told Diana Prince that he was going to gather the "metahumans" from Lex Luthor’s files together. The thing is, not everyone will necessarily want to play ball with Batman even if he finds them. Judging by the way he stabbed that camera with his trident in the video footage, Aquaman clearly values his privacy, so he may not be receptive to Bruce’s offer. Still, at least Bruce would be realistic piloting a submarine to Atlantis rather than trying to snorkel all the way there.

As for this conflict between the Amazons and Atlanteans in the DCEU, it sounds a lot like the war seen in the 2011 alternate-timeline story Flashpoint. We don’t know anything about either of these two races in the DCEU, but if they indeed get along, maybe we’ll get some background on this millennia-long feud in Wonder Woman. Even if we don’t see and Amazon vs Atlantean at war in Justice League: Part One, surely the tension between the two groups would cause trouble between Wonder Woman and Aquaman, and only working with the other heroes against an external threat would help them resolve their differences.

Justice League: Part One hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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