Will Batman Vs. Superman Shoot Back-To-Back With Justice League?

With both Batman and Wonder Woman confirmed to be in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel and rumors constantly swirling around about characters like Green Lantern, Flash Aquaman, and Nightwing, many fans have wondered how director Zack Snyder and writers David Goyer and Chris Terrio plan to squeeze so much material into one film. According to a new rumor launched by Latino-Review, the answer to that question is that they won't. Instead, the story says that production on the untitled Batman vs. Superman movie will actually take place back-to-back with production on a Justice League film that would be ready to come out in 2016.

The idea is that the filming schedule would follow the model of the Lord of the Rings/Matrix/Hobbit/Pirates of the Caribbean movies as a means to allow the talented cast time to work on other projects. The site adds that insiders have told them that the first movie ends on "an insane cliffhanger/teaser that leads right into Justice League" and that "they want to be able to deliver the second film within a year to strike while the iron is hot." The idea is that all of the members of the Justice League movie will show up at the very end of the Man of Steel movie instead of in the middle of it, which is what will prevent the story from feeling overcrowded.

Of course, you shouldn't start spouting off these details as fact. The source admits that their story is "formulated using a combination of insider information and good old fashioned speculation," and there's basically no way to confirm the news because anyone who actually does know probably wouldn't want to give away the end of Batman vs. Superman. Basically, until the studio announces via press release that there will be back-to-back productions, don't believe it to be 100% true.

If all of the rumors do turn out to be true, however, then it would appear that DC is putting together a very interesting ensemble for their live-action Justice League. In addition to Henry Cavill's Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman and Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, there has also been talk that Dwayne Johnson could play the John Stewart version of Green Lantern (distancing the franchise from the 2011 Green Lantern movie) and that Lost's Josh Holloway could play Aquaman. Again, nothing has been confirmed, so take all of this news with a grain of salt.

Batman vs. Superman is scheduled to go into production in the next few months and Warner Bros. has scheduled it for release on July 17, 2015. Do you think that the production should shoot back to back with a Justice League movie? Answer our poll below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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