Batman has a number of modes of transportation, among which are the Tumbler, which first appeared in Batman Begins, and the Bat-Pod, which made its excellent debut in The Dark Knight. Normally, it'd probably be fair to say it's unlikely that you might stumble upon either of these vehicles in your local city - unless you live in Gotham - but that may not be the case beginning this weekend.

(Mild vehicle-related spoiler alert!) Batman fans can expect to see both the Tumbler and the Bat-Pod in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, which is set to release into theaters on July 20th. But you may be able to see them before then if you happen to be in one of the cities on their coast-to-coast tour of the U.S. Warner Bros. announced the current list of dates and locations of Tumbler Tour 2012, which will give fans the opportunity to see the two vehicles in person.
Bentonville, Arkansas - May 12
Tulsa, Oklahoma - May 15
Overland Park, Kansas - May 19
Kansas City, Missouri - May 21
Chicago, Illinois - May 25
Washington, DC - May 27
Baltimore, Maryland - May 28
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - May 30
Buffalo, New York - June 1
Toronto, Canada - June 7
Montreal, Canada - June 10
Purchase, New York - June 12
Columbus, Ohio - June 13
Lansing, Michigan - June 15
Detroit, Michigan - June 16
Brooklyn, Michigan - June 17
Indianapolis, Indiana - June 19
Nashville, Tennessee - June 21
Knoxville, Tennessee - June 22
Atlanta, Georgia - June 23
Dallas, Texas - June 25
San Antonio, Texas - June 27
El Paso, Texas - June 29
Albuquerque, New Mexico - July 1
Phoenix, Arizona - July 2
Los Angeles, California - July 7

*Please note that dates and locations are subject to change, and more may be added.

The Tumbler Tour 2012 Facebook page already updated with some photos of the Tumbler as it's set to depart L.A. and heads east to its first location in Arkansas. Check them out below.

You can find more information check out, and you can follow the Facebook page for updates on possible additional locations.

More information on The Dark Knight Rises can be found in our Blend FIlm Database.

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