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New Batman V Superman Spot Shows Batman Excited For The Fight

After years of waiting, we’re just a few short weeks away from finally being able to see DC’s strongest heroes duke it out in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. DC fans have been longing to see these two characters in live-action together for decades, and on March 25th we will get our wish. Zack Snyder and the team behind Dawn of Justice have been advertising the upcoming superhero flick with the careful release of trailers and TV spots. In fact, a new spot was just released that featured some new footage. Check it out.

Pretty cool right? While there isn’t a ton of new moments, this trailer did have a shot of Batman which was new and epic.

The shot in question, which is around the 0:17 time, features Superman descending from the sky in what Deadpool would call a superhero landing. In what appears to be the final few seconds before the two heroes come to blows, Batman enthusiastically taunts Superman saying "here I am".

This moment is one of the coolest parts of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice I’ve seen thus far. In addition to it just being badass to taunt the person who could murder you with a flick of the wrist, the cool factor comes in when examining how Ben Affleck delivers the line. Rather than fearing or being nervous with the impending battle with a Kryptonian, he seems to find pure glee in the idea of fighting Superman. Batman is ready for the battle and the thought of hurting his fellow superhero is one that makes him all smiles. It’s not just business, this battle is personal and causing pain is all The Caped Crusader wants to do.

Through all of the promotional material we’ve seen for Dawn of Justice, it seems that the upcoming Zack Snyder film is mostly focused on the perspective of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. After witnessing the insane destruction at the end of Man of Steel, Bruce Wayne decides that he has to take down both the Superman, and in tern the possibility of a Kryptonian-sponsored apocalypse.

Battfleck is also older, wiser, and more bitter to the ways of superheroics. While Batman’s vigilante adventures cause police to chase him and journalists to chastise him, Superman is referred to as a god-like hero. Despite causing more pain and death than Batman ever has, he’s still loved by civilians as a whole. This hypocrisy, as well as Batman’s personal vendetta, causes the conflict we’ll be seeing throughout the film.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice flies into theaters March 25th, 2016.

Corey Chichizola
Corey Chichizola

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