The Deadpool Scene That Was Too Vulgar And Offensive For The Finished Film

From the moment that word of a Deadpool movie was announced, fans were excited and apprehensive. Deadpool is vulgar, he’s hyper-violent and unapologetic for it. Would they be able to get away with any of that? If you’ve seen the red band trailers, you know that that the spirit of Deadpool appears to be alive and well in the film version that’s only a couple of weeks away. However, it turns out that there was a line that the Deadpool movie could not cross as one scene was even too offensive for them to include.

At the recent special premier of Deadpool in L.A., director Tim Miller admitted that there were many, many scenes that were edited for the final version of the movie. According to, one scene needed editing because it was simply too offensive, even for Deadpool:

In particular, there was a bar scene that was too vulgar for even the R-rated Deadpool. That bar scene was particularly mean and offensive to a lot of people because T.J. [Miller] and Ryan [Reynolds] got together and wrote a version of the scene that we just said, 'Oh my God, this is too far.' I mean there were so many people offended, it would have really been - we couldn't do it. It was just mean and so I said, 'No. We don't have to do that.'.

There’s a moment that we’ve seen in the existing trailers where T.J. Miller is telling Ryan Reynolds what he looks like, there are references to avocados and a topographical map of Utah. From the description that Tim Miller gives, it sounds like this scene could have been much longer and that, for at least a while Reynolds and his co-star just went to town on each other, coming up with the absolute worst things they could think to say. It sounds like some of them were just over the top.

As much as our curiosity is certainly peaked and we’d love to hear all the things that were tried in that scene, it’s probably a good thing that this stuff did not make it into the final film. Deadpool can be as vile and vulgar as he wants but he doesn’t need to be mean or offensive. there’s just no need for that. Deadpool looks funny enough without resorting to that kind of humor. Don’t believe me, check it out.

We’re going to see Deadpool in all his hysterical glory when the film hits theaters February 12.

Dirk Libbey
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