The Batman V Superman Trailer May Pave The Way For Robin

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice revealed its true colors this week, as the first trailer to the 2016 DC team up informs us that the world of the future Justice League is pretty much the darkest we've seen DC Comics go outside of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Superman is being scrutinized by the public, Batman looks ready to knock the piss out of him, and the world hangs in the balance between the two heroes. Zack Snyder looks ready to usher DC Comics into its darker corners of existence, and if this latest easter egg sighting is validated, the proof is already out there for all to see.'s eagle eyed staff noticed something in the first look at Ben Affleck's portrayal of Bruce Wayne. It's not his steely gaze or salt and pepper hairstyle, but in fact it just might be the Robin memorial that we'd previously heard was going to be included in the Batcave. As previously reported, Batman v Superman is said to take place well within Batman's crime fighting career, with a heavily rumored plot point being that Jason Todd's Robin has perished by this point in the timeline.

Looking at the photos that the scoop has included, you'll see that it looks like a suit has been enshrined in a plexiglass case behind the Batfleck's imposing visage. So while you were geeking out over your first look at the Bat Scowl, you may have been missing a key component to the Batman back story in the new DC cinematic continuum. If this is true, another rumor from the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice camp could be the reason that Batman and Superman bury their collective hatchet / stop short of murdering each other: they could both feel guilty over their crime fighting action killing/harming someone near to them.

While Batman may have lead to Robin's death, there's also a rumor in play stating that Jimmy Olsen may have lost his legs thanks to Superman's climactic battle in Man Of Steel. Both heroes will eventually scrap and fight, but ultimately something could click and remind the two men that their cause is greater than their differences. This works even more if the Carrie Kelley variant of Robin is present, with Bruce Wayne not wanting to cause the accidental death of another protege... especially because that previous partner who's believed to be dead might not be dead after all.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice could be the movie that makes believers out of the movie going public, as Zack Snyder seems determined to bring as much Frank Miller material to this new DC universe as he can, while still sticking to the PG-13 rating. There's a lot of dissection and speculation to be had in the coming months over just what's on display in this brand new trailer, but one constant remains throughout: it looks like DC and Warner Bros are bringing to life something we haven't seen from their creative efforts before. Whether that's a good or bad thing is yet to be determined, but you can be sure that Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is going to pull in some heroic crowds when it drops on March 25th, 2016.

Mike Reyes
Senior Movies Contributor

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