With John Carter out there and not making too many waves, Taylor Kitsch is gearing up to make his next bid at stardom with Battleship, a.k.a. the movie you keep thinking is a Transformers sequel but is actually an adaptation of a board game. We hold out hope that the movie will be a lot less dumb than that description sounds, namely because director Peter Berg has proven his skills in the past, but it's hard to think that when watching the new trailer, which seems hellbent on cramming as many explosions as possible into a short period of time. There's barely any dialogue at all, beyond Kitsch exclaiming things like "Hit it!" and "We will not go down without a fight!" and Liam Neeson bringing a little gravitas by demanding "I want everything loaded." But they are assuming with this trailer that you only want to see things explode real good. Take a look and let us know if it works on you.

Honestly, I feel a little exhausted by this trailer, and by the marketing's assumption that I want to see action that resembles Transformers as much as possible, right down to the emphasis on the robot aliens over the humans fighting against them. When I interviewed Taylor Kitsch about John Carter he told me there's a lot of humor to his character in Battleship, but all we see here is the same grimly determined hero you'd expect in any action movie. Why not give us a little humor, or a reason to invest in these characters, instead of just nonstop action?

OK, I realize I can answer my own question-- nonstop explosions sell action movies, especially expensive ones like this, and the poorly punctuated title card "From Hasbro The Company That Brought You Transformers" really tells you everything you need to know about the goals of Battleship. I may be the only person who goes into this movie hoping for something a little more, but dammit, that's what I want, and I wish I could see even a glimpse of that in this trailer. I'm convinced this movie is better than a Transformers clone, and I'm waiting for the marketing to finally prove me right.

Battleship opens May 18.

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