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30 Minutes or Less star Jesse Eisenberg is giving heist movies a second shot with Now You See Me, a thriller from Clash of the Titans helmer Louis Leterrier that has the nebbish leading man heading an unconventional team of conmen. Alternately described as magicians, anarchists and modern-day Robin Hoods in the set visit clip below—courtesy of ET —Eisenberg and co-stars Isla Fisher and Dave Franco play stage performers who use their shows as a front for inventive bank robberies, then share the loot to their adoring audience.

The video below offers some intriguing insights into this showy thriller, including the bizarre new talent Franco discovered while preparing to play his pickpocketing close-magic practicing character. Bananas beware!

Not only a master sleight-of-hand magician, Eisenberg's character Atlas is also a master manipulator who is easily able to pull the audience into his sway. But will movie audiences be equally entranced? With a supporting cast that boasts heralded character actor Woody Harrelson and the always compelling Michael Caine, Now You See Me has some serious talent to bolster a plotline Caine admits is "convoluted."

For his part, Caine plays a Bernie Madoff-style millionaire "swindler" with his own private jet and a wicked sense of humor, who is the next target of this wily band of bandits with aims to redistribute wealth. In a play that seems similar to Inception minus the dream-diving, Atlas's crew aims to get into Caine's head through mentalist-style manipulations and unlock the key to hacking his back account for their biggest score to date. It's a wild and risky premise that depends on audiences buying into its unique brand of magic. So, no easy feat.

Now You See Me will hit theaters on January 18th, 2013.

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