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Audiences have been waiting for months to catch our first real glimpse of Martin Campbell's Green Lantern movie. There have been leaked on-set photos of both Peter Sarsgaard and Ryan Reynolds, but when when you find out that a local news station got to take a behind-the-scenes tour and video tape what they saw, you think that there will be something to see. Think again.

ABC 26 in New Orleans was given permission to send a reporter and a cameraman behind the scenes of the production in the midst of its 100 day shooting schedule and it's impressive how little information they were able to get. Getting an interview with only one person on set, none of the questions asked had anything to do with the film, only about tax incentives, airports and making the area look like the fictional Coast City from the comics. The most exciting thing that happens in this video is a reaction shot of a group of people cheering at something happening in the distance. Green Lantern will be coming to this year's Comic-Con, so we may be seeing the first bit of footage in the next few weeks, but until then, squeeze as much as you can out of the video below.

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