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Ben Affleck Abandons The Tell No One Remake, Gavin O'Connor Takes It Over

Once again, another former Ben Affleck project is going on to another director, with the current Batman unable to tell you exactly how he likes them apples. A couple of years ago, Affleck signed on to direct an essentially unneeded American remake of French actor/director‘s Guillaume Cannet’s 2006 thriller Tell No One, but the murderous torch has now been passed on to Warrior’s Gavin O’Connor, who is currently in negotiations with Universal and Warner Bros. to take the job.

Affeck’s return to superhero films has left a lot of cinema fans angry, as his directorial efforts, including last year’s Best Picture Argo, have been much stronger than films that he merely starred in. He almost certainly would have transitioned Tell No One’s French setting to a more American, urban aesthetic (the original novel by Harlan Coben is set in New York City), but there’s no certainty to what O’Connor will bring to this project.

Following 2008’s so-so crime thriller Pride and Glory and the aforementioned Warrior, O’Connor joined the constantly in flux western Jane Got a Gun, as well as the pilot episode of the hit FX series The Americans. Who knows if he has the talent to pull off a twisted thriller as well-done as this.

Here’s how Tell No One works. Based on Coben's best-selling novel, the film follows a doctor who goes out for a romantic swim with his wife when she is taken away by a band of kidnappers. Or so he thinks. The husband is suspected of her murder, and he again comes under suspicion when another body is found near the spot where his wife was originally found. Only, he gets an email one day with a picture of his wife current alive. So maybe she didn’t die? Or is it all in his head?

All the actors in the original film, from François Cluzetto to Marie-Josée Croze to Kristin Scott Thomas, were all so very good at keeping the mystery going. It’s always troublesome to picture more obvious American actors taking over for those who originated the roles. Maybe Thomas will come back.

Argo screenwriter Chris Terrio wrote the script, so there’s a really good chance this curving story will take the right kind of twists and turns. But it’s a co-production between two of the biggest movie studios on the planet, so the room for potential failure is vast. Check out the trailer for Canet’s winning film below.

If anyone is interested in Canet’s next film, it’s the Clive Owen and Marion Cotillard thriller Blood Ties; check out the trailer for that one below.

Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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