Artsy, redesigned versions of movie posters are all the rage these days, with entire companies popping up to give you the fancier Raiders of the Lost Ark poster you've always wanted decorating your wall. Sometimes it can lead to a bit of a burnout-- how many reinvented Lord of the Rings one-sheets can you look at?-- but now the Academy themselves have gotten in on the trend and made it seem fresh and important again.

The idea is pretty simple-- hire artists to create new posters for the nine Best Picture nominees-- but the results are striking, especially since these movies' actual posters are pretty fresh in our minds. If you were worn out by the bland look for Argo or the overly precious portraits for Les Miserables, get a load of those two below, along with the gorgeous landscape portrait for Django Unchained (the much larger version of it is available at the Academy site). Click on any of the three posters to see the full gallery at

Unfortunately there's no information about buying these prints just yet, but we can at least hope that the Academy seizes on the marketing opportunity and makes them available,even in limited edition Mondo-style. If you invited me to your Oscar party and promised to have all of these hanging on your wall, I'd be way more impressed than all those yahoos who are just making crabby snacks and homemades.

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