This weekend sees the wide release of Danny Boyle’s latest film, Steve Jobs, which takes a close look at the life of the tech legend who founded Apple and is responsible for any number of innovations in the field. It’s also the second movie to do so within the last few years, as the Ashton Kutcher-fronted Jobs hit in 2013.

From the early reviews, many of which are raves, it certainly appears that the latest attempt is the superior one in the mind of many viewers, and this is not the first time two movies that take the same real-life person as their subject have been released close to one another. In these cases, one usually seems to outshine the other, rightly or wrongly, and we thought that this is a perfect opportunity to look back at some cases of other twin biopics and see which one did it better.

Truman Capote was one of America’s greatest writers, and the 2005 biopic Capote follows the events surrounding his most well known book, the true crime masterpiece In Cold Blood. Starring Phillip Seymour Hoffman in the title role, it tells the story of how the writer became embroiled in the case and how it impacted him—he never finished another book.

The following year, in 2006, Infamous appeared, starring Toby Jones as the writer. Based on George Plimpton’s biography of Capote, instead of focusing on one specific event, it gives a larger picture of his life and career, where he was more known for his social existence than his actual craft, using interviews and anecdotes from friends, family, and contemporaries.

Who Did It Better: While Infamous is a worthy movie in its own right, full of sharp banter, strong performances, and is overall the more warm and engaging film, it will forever exist in the shadow of Capote. If nothing else, Hoffman’s performance, which won him an Oscar, is more than enough to tip the scales.

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