Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones And More Join Creepy Sci-Fi Thriler Morgan

The history of science fiction has shown us many possible changes to our world that could occur after the introduction of synthetic organisms – be they organic or mechanical – to our society. While Ex Machina is the most recent film to cover the mechanical side of the issue, it looks like Fox's new sci-fi film Morgan is going to take the more organic approach. In doing so, it's also attracted a cast of newcomers and established actors – including Paul Giamattic and Toby Jones - to tell its story of life and the judgments we pass when we decide we're the superior species.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that the studio that's made great bedfellows with Ridley Scott and his sci fi urges on numerous occasions is taking a chance on his son, Luke, as the director for this sci-fi morality tale. According to the report, Morgan tells the story of "a corporate risk-management consultant, who is summoned to a remote research lab to determine whether or not to terminate a genetically-engineered being." It seems someone at Fox saw the hubbub that Alex Garland's Ex Machina has stirred up with audiences ever since its SXSW premiere, and they want in on the cerebral/conversational sci-fi market. Along for the ride in Luke Scott's directorial feature debut is an impressive ensemble.


Paul Giamatti

Already having a busy year, what with <Straight Outta Compton and San Andreas making his summer an eventful one, Giamatti has been hired to play, " a psychologist who has trouble relating to people." We'd like to think that in the "terminate vs. don't terminate" debate, he'll be one of the people on the latter side of the argument, which might yield one of the actor's more sensitive performances.


Kate Mara

Continuing her relationship with both Fox, as well as Ridley Scott, Kate Mara will be playing the "corporate risk-management consultant" that's called in to assess the situation. With both Fantastic Four and The Martian keeping her on the Fox lot, her casting may have been fast tracked thanks to a glowing recommendation Ridley Scott.


Toby Jones

Veteran character actor Toby Jones will be playing, "the chief scientist in charge of the facility." Considering the man has convincingly played figures of both authority and scientific knowledge, this is an easy casting choice. Though don't be surprised if Jones' character turns out to be the straight laced, "kill that thing before it kills us" sort of scientist that these sorts of movies always contain.

Taylor Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

A relative unknown, except for some television work and the much buzzed horror feature The Witch, Anya Taylor Joy is cast as the "genetically-engineered being" that will factor into the center of this mystery. If we were to put money on it, we'd assume that Taylor-Joy is the titular Morgan of the picture.


Boyd Holbrook

Last but not least is Boyd Holbrook, who was recently seen as Ed Harris' erratic son in Run All Night, as well as Kristen Wiig's scuba instructor in The Skeleton Twins. Holbrook is still in negotiations for the role of, "a nutritionist at the facility," but seems like an easy fit with the rest of the cast.

While the initial premise does sound like "Ex Machina for the genetic ethics crowd," the fact that there's more of a presence in the desolate location promises to make things even more complicated for the characters of Morgan. While two characters fighting over the ethics of a potentially revolutionary technology is tense enough, a group of people engaging in the same sort of fight can be even more exciting. We'll have to wait and see though, as Morgan has no immediate plans for shooting or a release window just yet.

Mike Reyes
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