Beverly Hills Ninja 2 Coming

They’re making a sequel to Beverly Hill Ninja. That’s the word from Moviehole. I liked Beverly Hills Ninja 2 better the first time when it was called Kung Fu Panda.

The original Beverly Hills Ninja starred the now long dead (and sorely missed) Chris Farley as a white fat guy who deludes himself into thinking he can become the great white ninja. It’s funnier than it gets credit for, in fact it’s the only funny thing Chris ever did without his little buddy David Spade. Remarkable when you consider the guy was probably coked out of his mind during the whole thing.

So how the heck do you make a sequel to a movie whose star, and the only reason for the film existing, is dead? You turn it into a dance movie. The sequel is called Tokyo Jones: The Legend of the Dancing Ninja (though they may tack “Beverly Hills Ninja 2” onto it at some point). It’s written by Mitch Klebanoff, who wrote the first one, and he’s using a similar plot outline. A white kid grows up with an Asian family, and grows up convincing himself he’s the legendary dancing ninja… whatever that is. When his Sensei is murdered, he follows in Farley’s footsteps and heads to Hollywood to track down the killer.

As a Farley fan, I find this whole thing pretty offensive, but will refrain from putting together a useless internet petition because I know those don’t work and because I’m thankful they’ve decided to retread this instead of say… Tommy Boy. Don’t touch Tommy Boy or I swear to everything holy that your mothers will cry when they see what I've done to you! And besides, odds are Beverly Hills Ninja 2 will be an easily ignored direct to DVD sequel. Sony hasn’t come out and said that yet, but it sure sounds like one doesn’t it?

Josh Tyler