Billy Bob Thornton's Next Directorial Project Is Inspired By Angelina Jolie

Billy Bob Thornton is getting behind the wheel of his next vehicle, and for once, I mean that literally. The Sling Blade star appears ready to co-write and direct And Then We Drove, which Variety quotes him as calling an “ethereal” road-trip drama.

The trade says the project, at one point, was titled Drove, but recently lengthened its name (perhaps to prevent people from thinking it was a sequel to Ryan Gosling’s moody Drive). Thornton announced the film while promoting his most recent directorial effort, Jayne Mansfield’s Car, which world premiered at the Berlinale competition overseas. Variety reports that both Car and Drove are being funded by a new film fund established by Alexander Rodnyansky's AR Films and Geyer Kosinski's Media Talent Group. They plan to produce up to six original movies from the fund, according to reports.

Thornton described Drove as the story of "a guy who's on a road trip and picks up this girl along the way, and what happens to them. It's about the question of life: 'What is this? Where do I fit in?'"

His producer, Rodnyansky, added, "I found the story amazing. It's a pretty new combination of genres to put into one movie. It's based on his personal experiences in many ways."

I wonder if the “girl” he picks up for this soul-searching adventure is based on Thornton’s ex, Angelina Jolie? Actually, an insider close to Thornton’s thought process hints at that, and Variety says Rodnyansky confirmed, the notion, so this “ethereal” ride could get a little scandalous, as well, if Thornton gets as honest as possible with the script.

Until then, Thornton fans will see the Oscar winner in Car, as well as the redneck vengeance comedy The Baytown Disco, due in theaters later this year.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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