Everyone knows you can’t really be a famous musician with a tragic and inspiring back story until you’ve had your life turned into a biopic. So Bob Marley fans, don’t despair! Your guy will finally have his day, now that his widow Rita has finally sold the rights to his life story, contained in her book No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley. The Hollywood Reporter reports that The Weinstein Company has bought the rights, and will produce and distribute the film.

Marley may have sold the rights, but she has a lot of opinions of how the movie should go and she plans on sharing them. She told the Reporter than her daughter-in-law Lauryn Hill, formerly of The Fugees, should play her, and that her grandson Stephan is the spitting image of her husband. She also plans to stick around on the set to make sure the story is true to life. "Every inch of me is in there, and I don't want a fairy tale or Cinderella story."

Well, it’s good to see that Rita isn’t planning on doing away with the Marley legacy just to make a quick buck. But is giving this much power to someone who knows so little about filmmaking really a good idea? Sure, Lauryn Hill had a role in Sister Act 2, but is she really the actress Rita wants to represent her for millions of viewers? I trust the people at The Weinstein Company to take care of this, and Rita Marley to tell the best story of her husband’s life that she can. Let’s just hope her attempts to make everything true to life doesn’t make it, well, boring or unrealistic.

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