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Brand New Character Posters For Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

The marketing for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island has been hitting fast and furious lately. After hearing nothing about the film for months, the first trailer premiered early last month and in the past two weeks we've gotten a new poster, a behind-the-scenes featurette, and even a international trailer that took away all the comedy and fun stuff and replaced it with heavy drama. The media blitz is understandable, as the movie is only three months away and the studio wants to get word out there. So today the trend continues with a slew of new artwork

Yahoo! has revealed four new character banners and a new one-sheet for Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Check out three of the posters below and head over there for the rest.

A sequel to 2008's Journey to the Center of the Earth directed by Brad Peyton, the new movie brings back Josh Hutcherson as Sean Anderson who is ready to go on a whole new adventure. Teaming up with his mother's new boyfriend (Dwayne Johnson), Sean decides to go on a trip looking for his long-lost grandfather (Michael Caine), who he believes has discovered the legendary Mysterious Island, as written about by Jules Verne. Hiring a helicopter pilot (Luis Guzman) and his daughter (Vanessa Hudgens) to take them to the source of strange radio signals that seem to be coming from the middle of the ocean. What they discover is a world beyond imagination and filled with the spectacular.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island is set to hit theaters on February 10th, and for more from the movie be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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